July 2, 2003


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I spent most of the morning answering an email from a young artist.

And now I come to the issue of what to include in this weblog. I asked the young artist for a promise to keep our communications confidential, so I am concerned about keeping this information tight.

I want this blog to be a narrowcast, not a broadcast. I want to give access only to close friends, the galleries I work with and selected collectors. I was happy to work around the conventions of the web: the multiple interlinked domains, the efforts to raise ones' profile in search engine queries, and the like. I want to use technology to make the world smaller, especially since my wife and I are effecting a move to settle in both the Costa Brava and Southern California.

But rather than dump everything here at once, I think I'll boil my water like cooking frogs: a little at a time. Maybe someday, this can be fully transparent.... but for now, poco a poco.

Posted by Dennis at July 2, 2003 12:50 PM

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