July 3, 2003

Panel Building Today


OK! I'm building panels today. I have been tooled up, been to the Home Despot and back a couple of times. I wanted to have this done yesterday, it always seems to be this way. It's a little idealism to help me keep it real. A studio visit to occur later today maybe. Drinks tonight with artists John Pomara and Scott Barber, a jungle guide to the local bars.

As the sun burns across the sky, I hope to get a little done in the A/C. I'm listening to KHYI 95.3 "the Range" in and out all day to get into the Dallas frame of mind. (It was the blogger IberianNotes -a Kansan lliving in Barcelona- who flagged the station for me... it's good to know I can listen in later in Tossa) Y'all listen along now:


Posted by Dennis at July 3, 2003 9:08 AM

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