July 5, 2003



Eight panels, 48"x44"

Next: stretching them with linen. They look like canvas, but they are linen pieces bought in Europe... Spain. They are heavy, with an unmistakeable linen weave. Some have monograms... they were probably tablecloths a hundred years ago. I've wanted to shake up the Belgian linen thing I've been doing now for seven years. Art store canvas was a little too industrial, machine made, generic. This stuff has the qualities of both fabrics.

It's the fourth of July holiday weekend. Last night, the fireworks downtown Dallas on the Trinity river were great. Juno was a freak as usual, so we couldn't drink it all in as we should. For the life of our dog, we will not be able to relax and enjoy a fireworks show without the stress of canine anxiety. Oh well, life and its' compromises. She is cute, tho.

Posted by Dennis at July 5, 2003 9:19 AM

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