July 7, 2003


Our place is located on a street corner in downtown Dallas, so the street sounds are pretty significant. Street traffic of course. Passing homeless, some of which are quite vocal. "I"M THE MAYOR OF THIS TOWN!" Our a/c unit is located within the loft, and it is an industrial variety, so it's pretty loud. The volume of our radio and television is constantly modulated up and down to compete with the ambient nose. And now, a new addition to the chorus: cicadas.

Pronunciation: s&-'kA-d&, -'k?-; sI-'kA-
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin, genus name, from Latin, cicada
Date: 14th century
: any of a family (Cicadidae) of homopterous insects which have a stout body, wide blunt head, and large transparent wings and the males of which produce a loud buzzing noise usually by stridulation

A very loud buzzing noise! Southern charms.

Posted by Dennis at July 7, 2003 6:01 AM

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Cicadas crawl out of their shells in the summer and leave hundreds, thousands of abandoned shells on the trunks of trees. Then I guess they all blow away and we breathe them.

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