July 11, 2003

Currently Reading

The Dallas Public Main Library is just two blocks down the street. It's a big building of maybe eight or nine floors (I could stick my head out the door and count floors... nah.). The neat thing is that when I hear of a good book, I can search their database onlline and order it up via their website. They send me an email it's there, and wala!

The Joan Mitchell show is coming to the Ft.Worth Modern Museum, so this is required reading...I contacted Frederick Turner after reading an article of his online and emailed him after I discovered that he teaches at U.T. Dallas... Morandi... well, I like his paintings of course.... I like his dogged scale, how he can open up his world on his terms...and I heard Paul Berman speak about his book "Terror and Liberalism" on cspan I think... and I began reading this one written in the late nineties about the intellectual generation of '68 and their legacy. A really good read... except for the unavoidable acronyms that slow me down.

Posted by Dennis at July 11, 2003 9:14 PM

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