July 23, 2003


Ragpicker-a-blog.jpg I spent the day tweaking. Little details.
Ragpicker-b.jpg Nips and tucks.
Ragpicker-Detail-1.jpg A pleasant day.

Ragpicker-Detail-2.jpg I look over detail for detail, looking for fullness or lack. I pour over the surface, eyes agog. Sometimes, I have to pull back and squint to check the overall composition. But the major compostional effort is spent by now. At this stage, I can only try to bring certain parts to a peak power
Ragpicker-Detail-3.jpg Sometimes by the addition of the little spiny balls I call "monads", I can take a certain place and magnify the uniqueness of the features of that place. I have a theory... the spines of the monads provide an abundance of visual detail. And this excites the eye to see more detail within a corona surrounding the monad. A halo of excited visuality. The painting becomes a teeming site of these halos, a hive of altered states.
Ragpicker-Detail-4.jpg Sometimes, most times, I can scoop out an offending piece of the surface. I keep large shears and carve stiff cardstock into the proper tool. Utilitarian origami. At the beginning, I'm aware that the first layer of paint might be seen again.

Posted by Dennis at July 23, 2003 10:10 PM

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