July 30, 2003


wop-19-03-.jpg WOP 19 03

No title yet. I like the title to insist itself on me. It's kinda like knocking on a wall, looking for a stud. Kinda, sorta.

I'm ambling toward the next painting. Like a crab, the approach is sideways. It took some time. If I stomped forward after the last painting, I would have scared the fish away.

wop-Det-19-03.jpg I'm definitely rendering here. I'm looking at the processed image cropped from Manet's "RAGPICKER" of course. In this one, I'm letting the skein of paint marks hang loose... not brought to several breaking points as I've done so many times before.

Each pass at the surface brings a tangle of marks that has a music to it, if I'm on my game. Then, with subsequent moves, noise enters the system... the mark too many. The next moves are editing moves. I might use a skipping trowel over the surface, flattening,knocking the cacophony down. Or maybe it's a cutting action, scooping paint out, spoonlike. Or as in these recent works (all from this year), the controlled impacts that begin to resemble sexual organs. Flowers! Let's call them flowers. These flowers bulldose the "noise" and orders the confusion. It's a cycle that revolves 'round to a different beginning.

This work on paper brings this helix of order and disorder to a close earlier than the work of the past.

This makes perfect sense to me, I hope it does to you as well. I'm sure to try to describe it again sometime.

Posted by Dennis at July 30, 2003 5:32 PM

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