September 1, 2003

Enter Stage Left

The initial attempt in the last work on paper, this is how I worked into this painting:

Paint screeded from left to right a warm white that was close to the bleached linen color, then a blue that reminds me of Goya's skies he painted for his tapestry cartoons... also teh Twonbly mentioned before.

Monads peppering and editing the imperfections of the screed.

Shocks of Ochre lightened with Yellow from the upper left. Monads folded in between the overhand throws with a bigger spatula. One after the other.

A stomp of Green... but I'm less than satisfied.

A screed of Purple/Umber/Lamp Black again from the left. Go ahead, make the association: dark clouds.

More shocks, more controlled. Folding the previous actions like shuffling cards. I don't want this to be a simplistic layering. Isn't the purpose of a shell game is to force innocence? (Btw, this is no grifter's con.)

By this time, 24 hours have elapsed. Life intrudes, my body gets tired. Back again six hours later, the paint is starting to firm up. Stomps in green, but the window for this is closing fast. Still alittle weary.

I sleep in the boots. Only when I'm preoccupied with a wet painting. My wife has long accepted this quirk... I hope it still seems cute.

Back again and the Green stomps are no longer possible. The dark paint dries much faster than the rest. I still need a Greeness to the upper middle, so I drop a loaded spatula, fingers crossed. Risk.

I add pyamidal tiers of paint to edit and add a focus. Another representational engine: anthropomorphism.

This is where I take the picture.

More "daubs" to come... but not much more.

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