September 1, 2003


John Chappell, the great blogger from Kansas, an expat living in Barcelona has stunned me by including me into his blogroll.

I thanked him in the comments section:

Wow, thanks John for my first inclusion on anyone's blogroll! This is truely an honor.

My first intention in creating the blog is to provide my dealers, my family and friends a way to peek over my shoulder into the studio... especially as my wife and I move to Spain soon.

So I called it a narrowcast rather than a broadcast, which relieved me from any possible anxiety for notching my holster/laptop with audience size. But ultimately an artist is concerned that people want to see what they do, and so do I. I just wanted to keep public attention a second intention and the artwork a primary one. I'm still casting narrowly.

I shall certainly return the favor, John... Just as soon as I figure out how to technically create a blogroll!


I've been reading the technical help section of Movable Type's website, and I can't yet figure how to create a blog roll. I've taken a stab at it, by mucking around with the template html language... so dangerous. No luck yet.

I know the internet is a public street, and an artist finds some kind of fufillment by garnering as many eyeballs on the work as possible. Maybe I'm a shy guy. Maybe I know that the the puclic street can be a little dangerous too.

But everyone, check out John's blog! It's a great place to learn about Spain from the inside out.

Posted by Dennis at September 1, 2003 7:01 PM

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