September 7, 2003

The Long Weekend

I'm finally in the place where it's time to look at this painting through he blog.

In this one, I wanted to revisit the first painting of this group. It's one where I stayed closer to the smoothness of the works on paper, before I resolved to go with the grain of the rougher texture of the linen. This can be overcome with a bed of paint that smooths the surface. The trouble is that the resulting thickness drags the brush. What I can do on a slicker, smooth surface is slap the tools around more with a wrist instead of the shoulders.

So how do you make the wrist at home in a larger surface? I tried for a lighter touch.

There's a few posts to backtrack with. Stay tuned.

I tracked the first painting, but I kept closer to the work on paper (see the July 20 post) that inspired it.
I zero in on these "stomps", but this is the feature the camera can recognize most easily. Let's face it, a camera can't do it all, even though these features are doing it all in this blog.
But they become the figures for the blog.
It's only a problem if you're easily misled.
I'm happy that the camera can't do it all... for painting or for photography.

Posted by Dennis at September 7, 2003 10:35 PM

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