September 9, 2003

Pamela Nelson's Show

These are pics from Pamela's show last week... (I almost had this post ready earlier, but the browser dropped mysteriously and I was swept away) ...She opened at Cindee Patrick Gallery, a venue that's near downtown where other galleries such as (Pillsbury) Peters and others are located. Pamela's work is a colorful assemblage inspired stuff that reminds me of Alfred Jensen's work ( Her paintings use the visual organization of games with a lot of effect.
9-5-03-bill- -Steph-L.jpg9-5-03-bill- -steph-R.jpg
Pamela's husband Bill and Stephanie. Bill was describing Pam's artwork, then I asked them to do it again with feeling and a flash.

Pamela and Bill own the building we live in, our landlords. They bought the building in downtown Dallas in the mid nineties, a former film distribution house for Unitted Artists and transformed it into three lofts, two of which are for tenants. Big spaces, lots of brick and light, street level address, and enclosed garage, the urban center, great neighbors... we can't imagine a better place to live in Dallas.
It's hard to take pictures of the artwork in an opening... even so, I stumbled upon a corona for my wife, celestially appropriate.

(More pics of Pamela's work to come.)

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