September 11, 2003

Circling, Circling...

Today, there was a visit to the studio by Displays Unlimited, the art handling company who will shepard the paintings to there respective destinations. Three people were here, which was surprising. I guess they are a little spooked by the special handling requirements of my work... but aside from the need for secure attachments within the crates (which are already made), there's not much more to consider but to make sure that the shipping agents aren't gorillas. I guess this is the get acquanted period. Nice people, all.

Circling, circling in a widening gyre... I've reconciled myself to the reality that the "ThinSkins" panels prepared recently won't be candidates for the shows. It was an overcompensation, a little ambitious.

I paint first in my head. That is, I feel I'm at my best when I have a sense of how I'm going to jump into the work, rather than a random tip of the bucket and to let the train of actions follow. That's not to say that the bucket tip doesn't have its' charms, but that the rate of failure (paint scraping) is high and I'm not sure the reflection derived from action is any better than the reflection derived from repose (an eyefilled meditation). Also, there's something good about having a purpose, as opposed to getting into the thick of trouble and getting yourself out. On one hand, you're on a mission... on the other, it's a barroom brawl. I've known some brawlers in my time... don't like them much.

I've been trying to fuse two approaches: the painting of August 9th and another one that I can only describe as "many little stomps". I'm working on paper. Once I get a handle on this, I can engage the last big canvas.

Posted by Dennis at September 11, 2003 1:08 PM


hey man..always enjoy your shared thoughts on the site....did you lose your email address recently?

Hey Craig:

No, I've still got mine... maybe I don't have yours (I had your work email?). I'll send you one at

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