September 29, 2003

The Next Painting

I want to paint the next painting with the qualities of this painting ("Silent") with the qualitites of this painting (Dante):
I'm looking for roiling dark waters...
And I'm going to paint on these older, nearly abandoned panels:
These two panels were stretched around seven years ago, part of the previous category of work I was painting I called "Glaze Paintings". I wanted to paint atop these with this alla prima wet technique of my subsequent work. I liked the sandwich of the two eras. I liked the reclamation of two solid stretched panels.

They have been primed with gesso, mat resin, and they have a provocative underpainting in alkyd resin, the same material I use to prep my paper work.

I remembered that the canvas on them are not glued to the panels, an important detail if I wanted to avoid a sag in the surface from the weight of the paint. So, over the weekend, I had to pull off the stapled canvas, glue and reattach them to the panels. Price: glue, brush, aching bones, two cuts and one big blister. Good deal.

Posted by Dennis at September 29, 2003 4:50 PM


I really like her paintings. The blend of colors is really nice and the effects makes them very interesting.

Your pieces a beautiful! Great job. Can't wait to see more soon.

The colors are fantastic. I like art pieces like these as oppose to digital art. Excellent pieces!

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