October 13, 2003

The show at Chac Mool

I've returned to Dallas after my week in Los Angeles. I'll relate the events of the week in subsequent posts. The images above is the installation of the show in Chac Mool, my gallery in LA. Sorry to say that I have no pictures of the opening, I was engulfed in well wishers and friends, a very wonderful night.

Cheers to Estela Provas, Eugenio Lopez, Samantha and Talar who have done very well for me and the work.

The only cloud over the week was an ongoing problem with my shipment of works on paper to my first show in Z?rich with Mark M?ller Gallery. I had shipped eleven works via the US Postal Service Express Mail. Now, I learn that Swiss Custom have banned "artworks and weapons" via USPS shipping into that country.

Hmm. That's a good name for a piece.

More to come, I'll keep you posted. Mark M?ller has figured out how to get them diverted to a town in Germany. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe we can get them into the show after all. Pins and needles.


Here's the installation at Chac Mool:

Posted by Dennis at October 13, 2003 2:27 PM


good to have you back on "blog" duty. i needed a fix!

the work looks great..wish i was there for the opening..although i was enjoying the napali coast of kauai....always enjoy checking out your site....would love to see the work and you+stephanie. see you soon...

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