October 14, 2003

I'm Flying Outta Town

I'm scooting out of town, bound for my first show with Mark M?ller Gallery in Z?rich, my first gallery show in Switzerland. Mark is breaking me in with an introductory show in the second gallery space, a bigger follow-up show to come later.

The drama of last week was the late delivery of eleven works on paper that I had sent to Z?rich from Dallas via US Postal Service's Express mail. It had worked like a charm when I sent similar works to other galleries in the EU. I have sent them in this manner in the past because it was inexpensive and I could build a strong traveling box wo the work can survive the journey... and as they arrived at the galleries without much effort on their part, the delight factor is high as they arrive... I hope.

What I knew but didn't consider carefully enough is that Switzerland is not part of the EU, and what I couldn't know was that Switzerland will not accept "artwork and weapons" into their country via USPS. The post office didn't tell me. So, as the Swiss were about to load the boxes onto a cargo container to ship back to me here in Dallas, Mark figured out how to work around the problem and he was able to get the work into the country at the last minute.


I was holding my breath all week, and the whole thing set a cloud over my head the whole time. Now, I can relax and enjoy the show.

Meanwhile, my dealer in Cologne is going to show the two black paintings shown in previous posts and he has news of the strong possibility of showing with a gallery in Amsterdam. Great news, huh? Our upcoming move to Spain is looking good.

See you all later with pics from Z?rich!

Posted by Dennis at October 14, 2003 11:11 PM

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