October 23, 2003

As for my show...

As for my show at Mark's space: I had the back room and a small installation as the introduction to the local community, in preparation for a bigger show next year. The drama of the shipment of the eleven works on paper was resolved (thanks to Mark's dexterity) but only two works were shown (the rest to be shown at the Cologne Art fair this week) and two larger paintings that belonged to the brace of work shown in LA at the beginning of the month.

These shots were taken at the end of the trip, a Sunday night after a wonderful dinner at Mark's sister's restaurant, and I insisted that Mark not worry about clearing the space out of the various clutter (he was preparing the works on paper for transprot to Cologne for the art fair).
So, if you can imagine a spare room with two large and two small works hung symmetrically in a room entered assymetrically...

It's hard to see the opening where you would enter the room. These two doors shown are utility doors that are usually shut for the show.

Posted by Dennis at October 23, 2003 1:20 PM

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welcome back, hollywood!
hope all went well. it won't be long before you can't keep up with the demand for your paintings.

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