October 30, 2003

Playing Around

10 30 03 a
So, here I am playing around with a primative drawing and painting program here on my iBook's AppleWorks. The program arrrangement of different distinct applications of tools applied in layers and shuffled around is similar to the menu of painterly objects I use in the wet on wet work.
10 30 03 b
The difference is the control and placement of the marks. A forefinger on the little track pad is freaky. I'm a little unsure of the program too.
10 30 03 c
What am I drawing? I'm getting my freak on, I guess. By this, I mean I seek to get mired into the situation. The first actions are closer to random, the last ones are closer to pure intention.
10 30 03 d
Really, i'm just playing around... half serious and half larky.

Posted by Dennis at October 30, 2003 10:46 PM

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