November 6, 2003


2003-10-Greenbaum-Card.jpg The first thing we did when we flew into the JFK late in the afternoon was to see Joanne Greenbaum?s show at D?Amelio+Terras. It was the very last hours of her show there. I met Joanne in Basel several years ago when Peter Pakesch curated us into ?Nach Bild?, a group show at the Kunsthalle there.

Joanne paints in this super thin, sometimes transparent oils. I like how her work pops from a distance, something I need to pay more attention to. She composes like I do in an accretion of forms that torque into an argument. (Well, that's one way to see it.)

skowhegan-G-004.jpg Two of these works were painted at a residency Joanne did at Skowhegan recently. She deliberately painted large scale work to arrest the eyeballs. And it worked. People saw the show, there was talk and she was reviewed a few times. Recently, when I tuned into the ArtForum website, one of her paintings was reproduced on the home page.
skowhegan-G-008.jpg Joanne is supercool.

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