November 13, 2003

Hi Mom!

11-13-03-Self-Portrait-.jpg On the ocassion of my mom's first laptop/high speed internet connection, a big hug sent out to her in this blogpost. Hi Mom! Here's pics of the loft here in Texas! (Don't worry, I'm just playing around with the facial hair... er, all the hair, I guess. I tease Stephanie, telling her that the beard won't sting so much once it gets long and soft.) Here's a tour:

11-13-03-Harwood-a.jpg Stepping out the door, I want to show you and my pals what this loft looks like form the outside. This is a shot standing just outside the front door.
11-13-03-Harwood-b.jpg Panning right....
11-13-03-Harwood-c.jpg Then, I step across the street to shoot the building the loft is in. We live on the ground floor, the glass block surround.
11-13-03-Harwood-d.jpg Then I cross the street again to catch the downtown Dallas skyline. You can see the loft in stripes at the bottom.
11-13-03-Harwood-e.jpg And at that moment, my neighbor pops his head out of his door to ask for a copy of the picture. He and his kids run a restaurant that's a super cool cabaret style banquet hall. Lots of live music, people in high style.
11-13-03-Harwood-f.jpg ...and back to the studio, a shot just stepping inside the door.

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