November 19, 2003

Head Shot


...after staring at the walls for a little too long.

I'm thinking of portraiture schema for this next six panels that I had built so thinly over the summer (Thin, by my standards). I'm looking back over the first couple of paintings I did over the summer for inspiration. Basically, I want a knot of paint against a field, a knot that swarms around the articulation of a face.

Bacon in reverse.

The first thing I did was scrape off an old painting, the first one I did on this group, one that has been hanging on the wall since September. (BlogPost September 4, 2003)
Everytime I looked at it, I wanted to scrape it down and start again.

So I did.

As you can see, I'm carrying on with the flower like forms.

I'm not done with them yet.
The colors in this one was a wrestle. Most of the time, I think in terms of color compliments and tonality. I want to make choices that expand the painting experience so I can get this crushing density. From this, I guess I think there is a way that a series of color choices can bring the experience to an end. I tack back and forth between these polarities and when I reach the density I'm looking for, I bank the shot towards a more dominant color... even if it's only slightly dominant.

Don't hold me to this.

Posted by Dennis at November 19, 2003 6:23 PM

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