November 21, 2003

Miyajima the DMA and the Nasher

11-21-03-Miyajima-blur-.jpg Tatsuo Miyajima is having a show up at my gallery Andr? Buchmann in K?ln, so I thought I would go to the museum and shoot a pic of a piece that is on exhibit here. The Dallas Museum of Art is right down the street from our loft. (The guard told me not to shoot a pic, so as I was putting the camera away, oops!)

I met Tatsuo at Andr?'s and Bettina's wedding last year. I like him, a real interesting guy. He reminds me of some of my uncles.
11-21-03-Miyajima-clearer.jpg Whoopsy daisy! The camera is so tricky.
11-21-03-Dallas-Museum.jpg I only had a short time before Stephanie and I had to go to the airport, so I jetted around to check out the Richard Tuttle:
11-21-03-Tuttle.jpg Tuttle is supercool. This piece reminds me of Tom Sachs' foamcore work (his site is on the Soup of Links to the left).
11-21-03-Nasher-a.jpg Then I scooted outside to shoot a pic of the new Nasher Sculpture museum.
11-21-03-Nasher-b.jpg Renzo Piano, one of my favorite living architects.

He makes me want to roll the "R"... RRRRenzo. Renzo Piaaaaano.

And I'm off! See you guys laters.

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