November 25, 2003

WTC: Egyptoid

Ok, Ok... I just had to see what it would look like if I buffed it off a little, and made it simpler.

Mass and stone. Heavy blocks, maybe it could be constructed out of cast cubic concrete and moved on in individually massive units, thirty foot sugar cubes transported like Easter Island heads, high technology manual labor. Even if it were cast in place, maybe the reinforcing bars could be set deeper within the forms and the dimensions of the formwork could be monumental: walls ten and twenty feet thick or more, floors five and fifteen feet thick. This program is new to me, so I'm limited to the color and texture options. I chose something closer to coffee colored concrete.

Sand. Eternity. I wanted to point to the ancient Egyptian architecture as an indication of the direction of this design, but not to be mawkish about it. A wink, but seriousness too.

This might be a good foil for Daniel Liebskind's bookish, contemporary, cold intellectualist forms surrounding it.

Imagine the Glass rails distintegrating over time. A contrast of the mass and base, with lighter, more ephemeral elements meant to serve contemporary needs, and clearly meant to blow away. Tents, ropes, modular portable platforms, tensile structures, trade fair furnishings. Land fill filler.

This is it, I'm moving on now. Promise.

Posted by Dennis at November 25, 2003 10:16 PM

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it looks nice, hollywood! the guy on the right looks familiar. :)

too bad you could not have started on this earlier and been one of the finalist!

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