November 29, 2003


These paintings proceed as a series and sequence of applications and edits. Every placement of paint has a good and not so good aspect to it. By covering or cutting, I remove the not so good parts. Finally, there's a point where I don't want to change any part of the painting, as good a definition as anything of being done.
I assume then, it must be that such a painting is full of goodness.

What follows is a lunar landing:

While the lighting has a yellow cast to it, I adjust it here with PhotoShop. This is an ochre painting, lightened.
Nothing ever goes exactly, exactly the way I envision it, and I guess I'm lucky that way.
Forms and deformations. Corporeality.
That's why I named some paintings: "Carnitas". Not because I like carnitas Mexicanos... but because I like the direct reference to flesh. Carne. Incarnate. Carnal. Carnivorous.
Unavoidable, mutable, mortal physical reality.

Posted by Dennis at November 29, 2003 9:01 PM

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