December 22, 2003

Five of Six

Monday night, and I've just completed the fifth of six paintings on the thin panels prepared so long ago. I've been working Satruday and Sunday, scraping the painting off once in the process.

Just in time, too... since we are off to Michigan tommorrow for Christmas holiday with Stephanie's brother and his family. I was sweating this one out, not being happy with it until the last few hours.


Since I've been stressing the time, sleeping in short intervals (fancy name for cat napping) because the very best time to paint is right when it is buttery wet. The trouble is, there are several levels I want to rise to, building the interleafed complexity until I get to the place where I'm finally planting those flower forms at the end. Each level requires strategy, blasting away indiscriminately rarely works, if at all. More later, I'm a little fried.

These pictures save the one at the top, are shot too yellow. So, I'll have to shoot pictures tomorrow morning with better light.

Posted by Dennis at December 22, 2003 9:39 PM

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