January 2, 2004


Gaposis 01 01 04.jpg
As for the panel trouble, here's the thing: there's always a little variation and imperfection in the construction of the panels I paint on, that's natural. But the last panel of the series I have been working on lately is eccentric to the cusp. Simply speaking, the surface is warped like a potato chip. It's real subtle, but it is twice as much as the worst variation in the other panels. I could have shrugged my shoulders, painted on it and shipped it off, but I know it is a defect. Sometimes, most times the galleries will notice the defect, especially as the lighting can show a tell tale deformed shadow. I could have glued a piece of velcro to tack it back to the wall. But that would underscore the problem. So I decided to trash the panel. At least, by doing this I can avoid undesireable attention to the small variation in the other panels. I won't have my six that I planned, but five is a good number too. There's something nice about an odd number, being not as static as an even one.

This took four days.

Posted by Dennis at January 2, 2004 1:52 AM

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