January 22, 2004

Train of Events

We've been schedulin'.

Finish Paintings for Armory Show
Stephanie goes to SACTO
(she does 2 shows)
Dennis goes to SACTO
Dennis returns to Dallas
Crate and ship to NY
Crate and ship to Tokyo
Stephanie returns to Dallas
Dennis goes to Houston
(lecture at University of Houston)
(hang time with Aaron+Sharon)
Dennis returns to Dallas
Sort, Box, Sell and Ship
Pack up the U-Haul
We drive to Los Angeles
Unpack truck
Hang time with family and friends
Leave for Barcelona

(relax...sort of. fix house, learn spanish, set up studio and work toward the Z?rich and Cologne shows...)

Posted by Dennis at January 22, 2004 2:53 PM


gonna miss you Dennis...

(even though I've seen you once in 10 years - at least I know you are just a few miles away)



Technology will keep us close!

And closer yet.

Everybody, Dean was the person who was instumental in helping me create this blog.

A toast and cheers to you, old friend.


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