January 23, 2004

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Today, I bought a book at Half Price Books here in Dallas (a fabulous book store): "The Art of Arts, Rediscovering Painting" byAnita Albus. With our looming move, I'm trying to sell books, and not buy them. We are trimming down our book collection for travel, keeping only the essentials. So, even though I was initially attracted to this slim paperback, I had to be won over by:

1. the subject (I quote Amazon's description: "But this miniaturist's view of the northern Renaissance will copiously reward those who peruse it slowly, especially artists. ");
2.the passages that show plunges into paintings such as those by Jan van Eyck and many others...and other passages that are flights into subjects that remind me of what I like about Melville;
3. paragraph long sentences and short stubby chapters;
4.an appendix called "The Lost Colors", which reminds me of Philip Ball's "Bright Earth", where both reveal the hidden physical and chemical structure of pigment;
and the coup de grace:
5.the first glossary entry: "alla prima".

Gotta have it.

I hope it's good.

Posted by Dennis at January 23, 2004 3:19 PM

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