January 29, 2004

Drawing and Painting

Still thinking about drawing and painting.

Here, a passage harvested from an online text on the ancient Greek painters:

The most important technical advance, however, is attributed to Apollodorus of Athens, a painter of easel pictures. He departed from the old method of coloring in flat tints and introduced the practice of grading colors according to the play of light and shade. How successfully he managed this innovation we have no means of knowing; probably very imperfectly. But the step was of the utmost significance. It meant the abandonment of mere colored drawing and the creation of the genuine art of painting.

So, color gradiation and light and shade are the qualifications? I don't think so.

I was googling for the account of the painter in ancient Greece who after trying to paint clouds to no avail, trew his rags at the (canvas?) and presto! I think I've just arrived at that exasperated moment of resignation/deliverance tonight too.

I haven't found it, but here's a better link to the general subject than the one above.

Posted by Dennis at January 29, 2004 12:38 AM

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