February 1, 2004

Good Day

"...didn't have ta use my AK..."

It is a good day. It's misty and a little foggy outside. Overcast days are the best in the studio. I've been marinating on what I want to do in this painting for a while. And after girding my loins, I think I'm ready to lay it down. Stephanie's working on the computer, lots to do. Juno is cooling out in her crate (we've been acculturating her to it for the journey to come). Yogurt and granola for b-fast, coffee too... a treat. A full day ahead. The superbowl this afternoon, it'll play in the background.

No promises... and yet it all seems promising.

Posted by Dennis at February 1, 2004 11:28 AM


Just might want to drop you a note. I love your website! It's as if we are in your studio with you. I love your art!

I just got to know you through Claudette Lussier, who is our ex-neighbor. She came over to our house last Saturday night and showed us your web site.

Good luck with the move to Spain. How exciting!

Hello Leticia:

It's nice to (virtually) meet you! Thanks to Claudette for introducing us. Claudette gave me my first solo show ever, now over ten years ago. Give her a big hug for me when you see her again!

And we miss EchoPark/Silverlake too. We were lucky to have bought a house there when it wasn't so fashionable. I read an article recently that referred to it as "incandescent". And indeed it is, in a very human and real way too. I wonder how much more gentrified it will become when we return one day in the near/deep future?

All the Best,



I know, Claudette is the best! We are supposed to see her very soon.

Silver Lake/Echo Park is getting more gentrified day by day, but it is still no match to the West Side (Brentwood, anyone?). I think it will retain its character as long as the mix of people are diverse.

My husband and I now live in a nice area in Glendale with big old houses and deep lawns. We feel slightly out of place as others are families and older people. I would like to move back to Silver Lake some day. Yes, we shall all return.

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