February 18, 2004

Here We Go

With this day, the next month will be a sluice of events that will deliver us to Spain. At noon, I'm off to Sacramento where I'll join up with my wife and mother. They are working together for the first time, selling anitique fabrics at two shows in San Fransisco and Los Angeles. I'll be able to help mom out around her house. Her fence blew down in the winter storms, and I'll see how I can fix it.

Thinking aloud and ticking the list off:

I'll return to Dallas in a week, Stephanie a week later. Immediately upon my arrival, i'll be shipping paintings off to NY and Tokyo.... crates and strong cardboard boxes. Then, I'm off to Houston to see my good friends Aaaron and Sharon. They're preparing for their shows that will open right after we depart CONUS, unfortunately. Aaron will be exhibiting at Houston's Contemporary Art Museum and Sharon will be opening in a local gallery there that same week.

Aaron asked me to talk to his students, a encore talk for me. I've got a few fun things in mind... maybe too much. Three days in Houston and back to Dallas to finish packing and ship out the eleven boxes to Barcelona and load a U-Haul bound for LA. Dinners with friends along the way, rueful goodbyes.

Then we drive, "Grapes of Wrath" style to Cali. A tornado of toasts with friends and family before we board the plane. Here we go!

Posted by Dennis at February 18, 2004 8:12 AM

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