February 21, 2004

Mama's Boy

Here's an image of the booth that Stephanie and my Mom (Angel) maintained at the last fair. They'll go to another fair next week. It's amazing to see them work together in their business, a long planned venture now coming to pass. Their gears are meshing, all is good.

The fence mending project is simple, a single post to install. We helped Mom reorganize the house, reconfigured again for the life she's coming to know after the passing of my stepfather.

Meanwhile, the dinner table is full of good stuff and we hear tales of the family history: life with my grandparents, the war years in Manila, life in Spain in the Franco mid fifties, and life with my father as we bounced around the globe.

And we are asking: How do we get our butanoo (propane) for hot water as we arrive in Tossa (a cold shower upon arrival is to be avioded, yup)? How can we get our big luggage and big dog transported to Tossa from the Barcelona airport? Where can we get firewood (we need to light up the fireplace to chase the cold away in the building as we arrive)? What kind food comes in season in the markets there? Where can we go to find good furniture at a good price?

I know that these questions are a bit futile. Palliative. The only answer is to go there and figure it out.

Posted by Dennis at February 21, 2004 12:04 PM

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