February 26, 2004

Back in Dallas


The flight back was quick, maybe it's the jet stream wipped by storms over California. I crated the two paintings for New York and by noon, the shippers took them away.


I picked up Juno, our dog form the kennel. She charmed everyone there. She must have been laying in the dirt, since she had flecks of mud on her fur. We thought she was antisocial with other dogs, but her reputation at the kennel was one of "socialite".

I ordered paint online, hoping that they will arrive in time to pack them off to Spain. They should be ok, we've got two weeks of working time before we go. I'm starting to fix my attention on address changing.

I'm going to build a crate for Tomio Koyama, my Tokyo gallery. I've been building crates for a year now, an effort to ameliorate the distance, smooth the shipping and create a protective shield for the work. Even though it is rather simple to do, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this in Spain. We'll see.

And the mosaic above is from my new camera, delivered today. I was looking for a small cheap camera to shoot stuff on the fly. It's marketed with a cheezy James Bond theme, which was completely unnecessary... unless youare a marketing professional and an investor filled with anxiety. It's small enough to put in a zippo lighter, and so they did. It reminds me of my Dad's lighter, and that's what probably turned my stile.

The quality is tolerable. We'll see how it works on the run. And I feel a little wanton... or maybe I should shrug it off and "act as if".

Posted by Dennis at February 26, 2004 5:25 PM


Yes, the jetstream is super-fast East to West this time of year. Just wondering where you order your paint. I've been using ASW for Block's and Williamsburg for some nice handmade oils. I try to keep an eye out for good sources and I like the way your paint looks.


As for paint quality, it seems you are using better stuff than I. I use Rowney-Georgian because of the volume I need. They probably have fillers and stuff, but I'm betting that this will help them as they dry in thick cross sections. I suspect that the paint could crack if the purity level is too high. There's an issue of permanence (knocking on wood) that bears watching.

Gamblin is where I've been moving to when psossible. But I've been in touch with Rowney and I'm pretty satisfied with the paint so far.

Thanks for the question, Sherie.

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