February 27, 2004

Where Was I?

Yeah, those are three words that string together well for this moment in our lives.

Where was I?

That'll be the title for the invite for the April 2nd LA ChinaTown rendezvous.

It's interesting too think of the overtones. "Where was I?" could be a thoughtful (or -less) pause... as I tap the pencil to my lip, eyes rolling upward as if I were distracted for a moment and an earlier track is reclaimed.

Or it could be "Where as I?" as in a plainative cry, the lost. ...No, I don't mean to convey that. Although, there is a bracing quality to this monumental change in our definition of "home". This, as we are in the final weeks of a yearlong Texan experience, to touch back to our almost a lifetime of a Californian experience, on our way towards an Iberian/Euro experience, half way to our ultimate goal: a hyper-extended bicoastal life that we hope will extend to the second half of our lives.

No big.

Or it's "Where was I?" as a confused, harried, hair frayed out and papers scatterred, eyes darting back and forth.


It's more like "Where was I?" with eyes narrowed, head tilted forward and the corner of the mouth turned up in a playful smirk.

Yea, that one... and all those in varying degrees, I guess... but mostly that last one.

Posted by Dennis at February 27, 2004 8:27 AM

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