March 8, 2004

Sharon's Studio

Sharon has recently signed on with Mixture Gallery, and with this, her next solo show was moved from April to September. She's been sculpting organic volumes as long as I've known her and Aaron in school, and she always finds something new. From plaster to inflatables to computer fabrication and now to hand modeled clay, it's always exciting to see what she's up to.

Here are a few shots of her studio:

She's always modeling form with her hands, even when she does it digitally (hands become "hands"). Biomorphic anime. Organic emulation. Her inflatables reminded me of Super Studio and Archigram's Walking Cities. Now, she left the computer monitor for the studio, squeezing wet clay into "life".

It makes me think of Art Nouveau and the era of Frank Lloyd Wright where people took their lesson from nature. I can relate because in many ways I do too. I'm rendering with forms of paint varioiusly deployed. (I'm thinking of the idea of repose, as in "line of repose"...but I can't figure why as yet.) I feel muy sympatico with Gaudi's work in Barcelona, and I like the century wide connection.

I think of Noguchi too, an artist that might seem sentimental to a jaded artworld, but no one can speak ill of his work. Sharon doesn't evoke the nature of the source (organic) material like Noguchi did, she works -as far as I know- in syntheic materials like plaster, or plastics, and when she is now working in's grey, and synthetic looking.

There's a sense of humor in her work, and maybe that comes with the biological territory and the arc of being alive is nothing but organic and therefore happy.

Posted by Dennis at March 8, 2004 7:36 PM

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