March 8, 2004



Rental Truck Scheduled and arranged. Check.

Crate of Five Paintings off to Japan. Check.

Pack a majority of the boxes to ship to Barcelona. Check.

Keep throwing stuff out. Check.

The past year for us:

1. You first go through all your stuff and throw out the stuff you can't get into a third of a moving truck.
2. A year later you then go through it all again and throw out the stuff that you can't get into eleven boxes, four suitcases and a 15 foot rental van.

What's important to you? Do you really need a library when more and more can be had digitally online or in your hard drive? Of course, there's the books I want to keep handy, some you want to read on the beach or on a rainy night.

Once I digitize my slides and transparancies, I can lighten my load by fifty or so pounds of files. Do you need CD's when you have an iTunes file backed up? We pulled the DVD's discs out of their jackets and sleeved them into a folder. Forget the VHS tapes. And clothes. For me, no sweat. For Stephanie, it's as complex as calculus.

Posted by Dennis at March 8, 2004 8:17 PM

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