May 15, 2004

Middle of May

Here we are, in the middle of May... some news:

Stephanie?s back from LA. Her father passed away last weekend. The family has been under considerable strain over the past few months. "Sweet Release" as the lyrics go in the Gospel of Colonus. Back home, we can continue reconstructing what "home" means here in Tossa. Each moment building a new understanding of what life means, now that death continues to modify the shoddy understanding we had of it in our youth.

I?ve finished the first painting since departing Texas so many months ago. There are some changes to how I?ve painted before and there is a keynote that I am taking from the landscape and character of Tossa and the Costa Brava. There was a familiar agony of restarting the squish of paint in a new studio, but there is an ease and excitement of the feel of painting again. More of this when pictures flow once the broadband at home is up and running.

Ive read a few things: "Homage to Catalonia" by Orwell, who recounts his experience in the Spanish Civil War. Among other things, I had a better feel for the traditions of Anarchism and Communism here. Then, I read Hitchen?s recent book on Orwell, a great perspective adjustment on his legacy and how others from both sides of the political spectrum have annexed his ideas, or reputation. It was a good assessment of the internecene wars within the intelligencia, like Berman?s "A Tale of Two Utopias" or his recent "Terror and Liberalism". Now, I?m reading Robert Hughes book on Barcelona... called "Barcelona". Its wonderful to study the roots of the Catalan mindset, especially after getting a peek at it from Orwell?s Homage... and speaking here with locals.

I?m waiting for the next cuadros (painting panel) to be delivered by my carpenter. I?ve got works on paper prepared and I?ll work on these whilst I wait. The weather has been getting warmer and the sky is cloudless. We sunbathed for the first time today, we went shopping... building a new life brick by brick. A life after all of our fathers have now passed away.

Posted by Dennis at May 15, 2004 11:24 AM


So sorry to hear about Stephanie's dad. I can empathize, as my dad passed away the week you guys departed Texas. Sending you wishes of strength and peace. We miss you.

our deepest sympathy to stephanie...
craig + lori

Dennis and Stephanie. Everything you are doing is new. Please accept my sympathies for Stephanie's dad. I am glad you are back together . With many thoughts of you, Pamela

Dear Dennis & Stephanie:

I am so sorry for your lost!
I am sure it has come as a shock, please accept my condolences.



Dear Stephanie and Dennis,

Stephanie, Please accept our deepest sympathy in the passing of your Dad.
Bill and Ibjoka

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