June 15, 2004


June 20th is the latest date for the internet installaton. What day is it today? Without broadband, we don?t interact with our computers as much as before... so I don?t check out the multifarious functions so generously provided by my laptop. Stephanie thinks today is the 19th.

Today, I await a larger cuadros (a wood panel that Ramon is buildng for me). All weekend (and the end of last week), I was all bugged out over the last painting. I slept in my clothes sometime atop the bedcovers, sometimes atop a mat I keep in the studio for such purposes (a hat tip to Louis Kahn, who cat-napped in his office/studio). Stephanie knows the drill. I can?t take a break and divert my attention during the process, it would be like starting over. Three paintings done in the studio (one is feo, trouble with leaking oil into the linen, so I might not show it in August), and another one coming today. I?m soon coming to the point where I will need to buy more paint... a trip to Barcelona next week perhaps.

Today, we go out and buy sardines and a telephone for the third floor. Now, we don?t have to jet down the stairs as if our hair was on fire to answer the telephone. And the sardines... our first time in buyng fish here. There are so many different types of fish to cook. One kind is called "Sons", little fishes resembling worms.... people queue up in big lines to buy it. We hear that they are best fried in oil. Hmmmm.

Tonight, my cousin Patricia (Patsy, as I have known her in Childhood) will be coming into town. She, like most of my family is Australian (Sydney) and she works in various humanitarian aid agencies. Soon, I hear she will be in Kabul. We?ll call my other cousin (primo), Joe (BabyJoe, as he was known in our childhood) and we?ll hoist a cervesa together.

Soon, we hope to be online. Then, I get to bug all of you with blogposts and emails again. Heh.

Posted by Dennis at June 15, 2004 4:49 AM


Thanks for the update Dennis. I enjoy doing a Google search on Dennis Hollingsworth and seeing all these cool comments. You paint for fun, and good for you, you make money out of it too.

I still have an "Original Dennis Hollingsworth Pencil Image"...OS2 Burnidge as a future Air Traffic Controller back when we were USS Truxtun sailors in 1976.

Hi Dennis, oel just came in here to seek you out and I had the pleasure of being introduced to your pages. You write beautifully and I got swept into your workd in such a comfortable way. Weird timing that he brought your name into my day since I'm leaving for Barcelona for five days in July, from the 28 to the 3rd of Aug. My sister and I will be trapesing around before I go to Dusseldorf (spelled wrong I'm sure) for another 7 days. I wonder how busy you guys are and whether you'd like to schedule a night for dinner during that time. We would love to see your place and your new work, or if that doesn't work, we could meet in Barcelona and your could get some new paint. I hear Dave and Phil will be there too and we plan to meet up with them, so maybe we could make a nice night of it.

By the way I've been looking online for a place to stay, a small pension in Barcelona for me and sis. Have you heard of any nice but cheap ones. I've run against some walls trying to book a place. Much better to get advice from the locals.

I really look forward to hearing from you and hope that we'll get to see you.

Warm wishes, Bettina

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