June 18, 2004

Blink, Blink...


Here's a picture of the studio that is several days old. My camera batteries decided to die just as I was shooting the fresh studio shots. I'm having trouble uploading blogentries, maybe it has something to do with Movabletype's system or maybe there's a bug in this here new server... I'm not sure.

In getting all my systems up here, there's a few knots yet to untangle. But thank g-d for this new connection! The service guy had called in the middle of the week and after a few delays, he appeared at our door, router in hand... like an angel he was. Enough carping about local business efficiency, all is well that ends well.

Today is a Friday, and I've just recieved my latest, largest panel yesterday. I've just finished stretching and prepping it... it will need a couple more coats of mat resin before I can get into the painting, and that will take this night. This track of thought is a management of my time, because once I get into the painting, I will be rivited to the studio until the painting is completed. So, it seems that this afternoon is a good time to take in the beach and relax before I take on the 24/7 in the new cuadros (painting panel).

Posted by Dennis at June 18, 2004 7:32 AM

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