June 21, 2004



Scrape off. The efforts of the past few days have resulted in... nothing. Every idea thwarted. New ideas too. End runs, desperate saves, attempts at alternatives... for naught. Serendipity awol.

With the trip to Barcelona set for tomorrow, and Espanol class and dinners framing the next 24 hours... the best thing is to scrape off the panel and store the paint for another attempt Wednesday.

More self flagellation and soul searching to come. Time to clean up, get a little more civilized, and poke my head out of the studio for a bit.

Posted by Dennis at June 21, 2004 3:20 AM

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sorry for the angst. love the photos. awsome inside and out. fireplace and wainscoting are lovely. inquiring minds want to see images of the mysterious 3rd and 4th floors. you guys got another dawg?

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