June 25, 2004

Octopus Man

Here are some pics of a guy who caught an octopus at the cove. You had to be there, but these pics may approximate it a little.

Octopus is served up in all the restaurants, Pulpos. Muy deliciouso. We see a guy who cleans them at the rocks every morning. He's an old guy with a moped with a plastic bucket sloshing with dismembered tentacles all the way back to the market (I guess, I don't know where he goes.).

It's kinda too bad, I like octopuses, they're so cool. Pero, muy delicioso tambien!

Evidently, you can reach down and grab these suckers. I've never done it before... I have a hands off policy. My motto, "If you love nature, stay the hell away." Well, not really so extreme as that. It's just that we as humans can too destroy with our appreciation as we do with exploitive avarice.
Luckily, this guy dived back in the water and released his playmate.
(I thought he should have run around the beach mock screaming like a B-movie thing.)

Posted by Dennis at June 25, 2004 6:18 AM

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