July 26, 2004

FireWorks at Sea

Kiko invited us out to see the fireworks at a town south of us called Blanes. The ride was by sea on a catamaran, a party boat.

I haven't been out to sea for many years, a studied avoidance. Cruising the Pacific in a warship for a few years can do that to you.

A side note in reference to the last blogpost: As we ate the hamburgers and curry potato salad, I began to think about the recent coincidence of the vomit fest performed by my pals Dave and Phil. A passsing thought: "Three's a charm."

Then the cups of beer.

Then the champagne.

Then the whiskey shots.

We were sitting on the top deck, where the conn is abve the main deck. The sway and rock of the waves are accentuated there. This couldn't be another puke episode, could it?

Could it?

By that time, I was sweating. And my waistband seemed tight. Then I could feel my stomach ball up in ready-set mode. I made my way downstairs for the ship's head. Shutting the door, I was primed to erupt. I flipped the toilet lid and studied the situation in a crouch, mentally preparing to see the burgers again. Then the door swings open ( I forgot to set the latch) and the people (a crowd) outside gasped in unison, eyes wide and mouths agape.

That seemed to divert my attention and the feeling passed. A funny remedy that was. Back to the party!

Teresa (center) is Kiko's wife. She's from Andalusia, speaks spanish crisply, with pride. She majored in college in hosptiality arts I think, wine and champagne (or cava, as it is known here). Their daughter Nerea is to the left, the daughter of the owner (Pepa) of a great local bar, El Priata is seated to the right.

The whole family was dancing and shaking their groove thang all night. Much fun was had by all. Kiko loves his daughter of course: "She will break my heart one day." They all (Catalans, the whole boat) sing along and they know the lyrics too.

It was great to be off the coast of the Catalonia, seeing Tossa by sea. As the fireworks was launched many other boats were out beside us too, the captains jockying for position with subtle rudder, thruster action. People ooh-ing and ah-ing, shouts of "?Ole!" and "?Que guapa!".


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