August 4, 2004

The Kitchen is the Thought

The prupose of this blog is to provide a virtual visit to the studio, and every so often, context seeps in as an acknowledgement of wider implications of influence running both to the paintings and out into the world again.

I've just came across this New Yorker article about the 3-11 attacks in Spain. Politics is so hot now, I've kept it separate so as not to get pulled by the rip tide of current events. This is a painting blog, not a political blog, there are so many political ones out there on the web anyway. But we are living in Spain now, and context matters. This article by Lawrence Wright is intense, informative and a must read:

Soon after the attacks of September 11th, the imam had a dream about Fakhet. ?Sarhane was in his kitchen, cooking on the stove,? he recalled. ?I saw what he was cooking was a big pot of worms. He tried to give me a plate of the food to eat. I said no. I said, ?Please clean the kitchen!?? Days later, the imam confronted Fakhet. ?This is a message from God!? the imam said to him. ?The kitchen is the thought, and the thought is dirty.? Fakhet didn?t respond. ?He?s a very cold person,? the imam told me.
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