August 13, 2004

Cool Car

There's this super cool car we see every time we cross this part of Tossa. I know nothing about it. Perhaps there is someone out there in the blogoverse who does?


Isn't it great? I wonder how the owner of this deals with the winter months? I think there's a car club thing going on, I've seen others of this kind now and then.


Posted by Dennis at August 13, 2004 10:43 AM

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That car out there (a Citro?n Mehari to be specific) used to be relatively popular in France and Spain in the late 70s, but there aren't many left, which is strange since they were quite durable.

That particular one used to belong to the owner of Bar El Ruedo (in front of which it is parked). The owner died of a pulmonary oedema a few days ago so unless his son (a local councillor for ERC) starts driving it I guess your pics will be the last we'll see of it.

Interesting blog, btw

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