August 30, 2004

And the problem is...?

This, found while thumbing through the Art Newspaper:

German artist J?rg Immendorff's thrill-seeking landed him in the dock in Berlin last month. Mr Immendorff was fined Euros 150,000 and given an 11-month suspended sentence following his arrest last year in a luxury hotel room where he was found naked with nine prostitutes and 11 grammes of cocaine.

A rich and lusterous selection from the internet, for you. My compliments.

I'm looking for pictures of Martin Kippenberger in the head bandage. In the meantime, click this, I think Ohlen was eloquent. And be sure to click on "Psychobuildings".

My old friend Craig Rizzo (painter and architect living in Arizona) send this in...
You can find it here. The internet is so fantabulistic.

You can see where he has pinned a self portrait to the wall, a great photo, shades of Vincent's ear.

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