September 22, 2004


I've been swamped in spam bots in the comments section. I'm trying to clean them up... usually I get a few of them per day. Today, I've got about four hundred infesting my comment section. I've been under the hood of this machine and I've tinkered witht he settings, hoping to put a stop to it. I'd hate to turn off the comments... I've enjoyed the spontaneous comments from people about the paintings, especially the attaboys and virtual handshaking.

The bots deliver html for their website, here's a sample:

It is the task of radical thought, since the world is given to us unintelligibly, to make it more unintelligible, more enigmatic, more fabulous.

and another:

You might just take Bertrand Russell on a beach holiday, as I once did; but Kant, never.

The spammer seems to have gone to college... what a waste of a mind.

UPDATE: Robbie had an observation. The ultimate effect of the SpamBots aren't as pernicious as I had thought. Effectively, they pad the comment section, and the density is much less than the popular bloggers get with real comments anyway (at least now, but what happens over time?). And the canned comments they insert could almost pass for a philosophical comment if you aren't looking too close. It would look as if I had a bigger audience than I really do... and in these days where artists are busy trying to BRAND themselves, how could it hurt?


I guess I will weed the garden anyways.

Posted by Dennis at September 22, 2004 4:34 PM

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