September 23, 2004

Going for a Walk

Last week, Stephanie took Robbie and I out of the studio for a breather. She knew of a walk up to see a tower (torre) nearby in the hills overlooking Tossa. here are a few pics:

Getting up the hill.
The view... I can't spot our house, but it's just past the church. This is what you see from the base of the tower.
Afterward, we trek toward the "mirador", over the hill towards the palisade that forms the bluff at the water's edge.
Robbie for the ages.
Robbie takes the couple shot. I look like hammered sh-t though.
(Then I remind myself of Dennis' maxim?: "If you compare yourself to what you used to look like, you will always be depressed... but if you compare yourself to what you will look like... you will look marvelous!")
We peer over the cliff...
And back down we go...
A last bit of the summer for the cove "Codolar".

Posted by Dennis at September 23, 2004 12:28 PM


Jeez, the whole hammered sh-t is of a much higher grade in Tossa than this season's LA variety. Thanks for the 2 min vacation.
Mistah C

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