October 4, 2004

Girona Museum of Art

Here's a result of a twitchy trigger finger as we tour the museum, here next door to Girona's cathedral.

The old stuff gets religious back in the day, the church was the only game in town. And since Jesus is a star player back then, that's why we see so much of him in a museum of ar of courset.

Still, the emphasis on the carnal isn't as terrific as it is elsewhere in Spain, so I've heard.

But this stuff is pretty hard assed:

Saddam/Taliban style.

We were freaky too, back in the day.
This will be too vivid:
...even though this image is blurred.

I read somewhere here on the web that movies of the terrorist beheadings are being transmitted and dowloaded on cell phones in London within twelve minutes of the deed.

Let's change the subject:

First of all, all door handles here look like this, although some are a little better made, some configurations change slightly, the differences are of a family.

All have the shell end that fits perfectly into the palm. Here the face plate bears Girona's symbol, some kind of dive bomber bird... at Tossa, the bird is sitting on the Torre.

I noticed the glint on the tip of the sword, and I wondered if it was chiseled into the stone, or an accident of optics.

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