October 6, 2004

Vertigo Check

We finished the finishing touch for the terrace, a new rail. The metal workers installed it in a morning, funny guys. We painted it quickly, two coats of primer and two of a finish. Great weather, the construction guys next door played their radio loudly, the whole neighborhood gets to listen in while we listen to the people passing in the street below, seagulls in a crowd above our heads.

Whilst documenting the fine paint job, I wanted to shoot this elevation of our neighbor's terrace across the street for your viewing pleasure:

I see they are breaking out the sweaters. They use the terrace as a utility room, most everyone having a sink and more often than not, a washer and dryer... sometimes air conditioning equipment. And laundry. And a few plants. They are not hanging out there, which is cool since we will.

Meanwhile, we are feathering the nest very slowly. Every small improvement is a big deal, new rail here, a new lamp there, and we savor this minimal cosa life. Here, we are trying to visualize how couches could work. Those, a big low table and a toasty fireplace could make a winter pass very nicely. We'll see.

Abundance. Think abundance.

Posted by Dennis at October 6, 2004 10:40 PM

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