October 17, 2004


Back in the States, when I needed to build a box to ship works out, I would find large 4'x8' sheets of cardboard (carton) and custom build the proper container to get the work out safely.

I still custom build here, but there's no large sheet stock available (that I can find yet). I'm sure they exist somewhere in Catalonia, but not having a car is a hindrence. And Tossa is too much of a pueblo to have an Office Depot or cardboard box manufacturer nearby... or supercool art supply store (like Roark, in downtown Los Angeles) either.

So, I walk the streets looking for scraps. I've found this dumpster where the local Tabac shop tosses refuse. Perfect, beautiful boxes. Not wet from fruit or meat or fish like the grocery stores. Large appliance boxes are good, but not as cool as the ones from the Tabac store.

The names:

L&M (I haven't seen those for a while.)

Marlboro Lights (My dad's favorite.)

Lambert and Butter (Never heard of them before.)

Ducados (What a name!)

I almost hate to cut them up.

Posted by Dennis at October 17, 2004 11:23 AM

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