October 22, 2004

SpaceTime like Honey

The ultimate medium. I don't know if the term "frame dragging" means what I am ready to associate it with, image manipulation programs like photoshop or such. This article is very interesting:

In the early 20th century, Einstein theorized that the gravity of large bodies such as the Earth distorts space and time, much the way a bowling ball would stretch a rubber sheet held aloft on all four corners.

Frame-dragging occurs, he said, because the Earth's rotation pulls space-time along with it. Salamon likened the effect to dipping a spoon into a cup of honey and turning it. Close to the spoon the honey twists, but the effect dissipates with distance.

Also illuminating was the fact that irregularities on the earth's surface caused bumps and imperfect orbits. That means irregular like the Himalayas.

Posted by Dennis at October 22, 2004 9:22 AM


Sounds like it could be true. I just stumbled on your site after looking at your work, good stuff! Mine's at www.loopgallery.co.uk, exhibitions. Do you know any galleries that would represent an abstract painter from the UK?

Thanks for the thumbs up, Craig. I appreciate it.

Good luck at TEN. I think of Twombly and Smithson (the Utah desert) and Tapies when I saw your pop up page. For those of us who are getting physical with paint, we have to find a way beyond the achievements of the past (the Loop gallery blurb marked the 89 years since the appearance of abstraction) such as Art Informal or the AbExer's,,, a way to be modern in the sense that we have to reconcile the life we are liveing with the things we are making.

As for gallery connections... there is no magic answer, except to find the tiny sprig of magic within your own natural conections and grow it larger. (sorry, it's gooey, but it's true) Rarely, a dealer will ask for recommendations... and even more rarely will the connection work out the way one expects. The bottom line: make work that is intensely remarkable (and everyone automatically thinks they are doing it already, we have to be the harshest critic of all) and others might notice. Emphasis on "might".

As for in/out the UK... doesn't the UK itself have a rambunctious artworld?

Good luck to you. Persist! Be smart!

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